Elevate Your Equity

Ep 69 - One Step Back For A Quantum Leap Forward with Hemal Badiani

February 11, 2022 Derek Clifford Season 1 Episode 69
Elevate Your Equity
Ep 69 - One Step Back For A Quantum Leap Forward with Hemal Badiani
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Hemal Badiani is the Chief Executive Officer at Exponential Equity and he is responsible for the overall strategy and vision and ensuring that it aligns with the mission of the company to transform lives through real estate. As CEO, Hemal leads the firm's growth strategy into new markets and new asset classes. He is also accountable for the hiring and marketing strategy for the firm.

Prior to establishing Exponential Equity, Hemal provided management consulting services to several fortune 100 companies across three continents while creating a portfolio of businesses that he scaled and exited including an outsourcing company, a private lending firm, and a residential real estate firm.

Learn more about Hemal and his business at http://www.exponential-equity.com. Email him at hemal@exponential-equity.com and ask anything about real estate investing.

  • What book has had the biggest impact on you and why?
    Think and Grow Rich

  • If people wanted to be JUST like you, what is the first actionable thing they could do to follow in your footsteps? 
    Put yourself in a position where you're serving others and getting them to a place where do they want to be in life.

  • What small thing/s do most people not know about you?
    I'm a great cook and a terrible dancer. 

  • How do you like to unwind and restore your own creative juices? 
    I like music, sitting down and traveling. 

  • Favorite vacation spot?
    All kinds of resorts 

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Beginning of the real estate journey
Conversations with wife on Hemal's entrepreneurship
Leveraging skills for their business
Transition from w-2 to side hustles to full time businesses
Spousal support
Shift from single to commercial
Rapid Round!