3 Degrees of Freedom

Ep 72 - Crushing Limiting Beliefs and Setting Up Process Automation with David Robinson

March 01, 2022 Derek Clifford Season 1 Episode 72
3 Degrees of Freedom
Ep 72 - Crushing Limiting Beliefs and Setting Up Process Automation with David Robinson
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On Elevate Your Equity Podcast, David Robinson, an experienced entrepreneur, and small business owner teaches us that he is not afraid to hustle! Everyone had to turn your entire business model upon its head due to sudden regulation changes?

David Robinson is Managing Partner of Conovo Capital, a private capital commercial real estate firm. He is an active syndicator, investor, podcast host, and speaker. He currently leads business development and investor relations at Conovo Capital. David's been in the real estate field for more than 18 years and has been directly involved in over $250M in real estate transactions. He's led top-producing sales teams and managed a leading national franchise brokerage. David is also the creator and podcast host of the Apartment Investing Journey podcast, where he interviews top multifamily real estate investors from all over the country to extract their strategies, successes, and secrets to help YOU on YOUR apartment investing journey. When he's not neck-deep in an exciting real estate transaction, he spends his time with his wife of 17 years and their 4 children. He enjoys coaching youth football, trips to the cabin ad Duck Creek Village (Utah), and sweating through hard workouts at Crossfit XD.

Learn more about David and his business by visiting his website at https://www.canovogroup.com/. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

  • What book has had the biggest impact on you and why?
    One Thing by Gary Keller

  • If people wanted to be JUST like you, what is the first actionable thing they could do to follow in your footsteps? 
    Write the cheque, join a mentorship group, hire a mentor or a coach.

  • What small thing/s do most people not know about you?
    I love to vacuum.

  • How do you like to unwind and restore your own creative juices? 
    Working out and hanging out with my family.

  • Favorite vacation spot?
    Duck Creek Village, Utah

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