Elevate Your Equity

Ep 91 - Networking Tips from a Network Scientist with George Roberts III

May 24, 2022 Derek Clifford Season 2 Episode 91
Elevate Your Equity
Ep 91 - Networking Tips from a Network Scientist with George Roberts III
Show Notes

Networking gives you options and flexibility to get done what you need to get done or help you with a problem you either don't know how to solve or don't know you even have! George Roberts joins us on the show today to share his expert tips on how to become a better and more natural networker, which is a universal skill all investors need.

On the show we address:
• Everyone can network, it's not nature vs. nurture
• What networking enables for investors, 9-to-5 folks, and business people
• Leaning into networking as an introvert
• Tools for remembering your contacts
• Shifting from "waiting to speak" to real listening and connection

George is a founder of Walnut Grove Homes, an upscale residential construction company based in Troy, Michigan which reached seven-figure status in 2021. He is also a principal at Horizon Multifamily which sponsors value-add multifamily opportunities in the Southeast for qualified passive investors. He is a General Partner (GP) on a 34 unit apartment near Knoxville, TN. He also owns a 14-unit apartment in Orlando, FL as a joint venture. In addition to his active multifamily investments, he is passively invested in 468 multifamily units. Before devoting himself to commercial real estate full-time he worked as an award-winning data scientist and also as a bio scientist with over 700 citations in the fields of genomics, microbiology and physiology. He is also the host of "The Foundery" where he talks with CEOs and entrepreneurs about their businesses best practices.

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