Elevate Your Equity

Ep 93 - Legacy, Financial Freedom, and Bucket Lists With Chris Bystriansky

June 02, 2022 Derek Clifford Season 2 Episode 93
Elevate Your Equity
Ep 93 - Legacy, Financial Freedom, and Bucket Lists With Chris Bystriansky
Show Notes

If you ask investors what they are trying to achieve by investing in Real Estate and start asking "why," you'll lead inevitably to legacy. Our guest, Chris Bystriansky, has figured out (and executed on) what needs to happen to ensure a culture of wealth and value-adding stays within the family tree for years to come.

On the show, we talk about:
• How he explained investing his 6 year old
• Long term inspiration that drove these actions
• Corporate world incongruent with the vision of legacy building
• Working with family and tiering into investing

A little more about our guest: Chris earned 2 advanced degrees and spent 15 years in the corporate world before leaving to pursue his passions. He started creating multiple income streams through real estate investing in 2018. Since then, he has invested in 14 multifamily properties and land across Texas, Georgia and Florida and continues to grow his portfolio. Chris also invests in private offerings with growth-phase companies. Chris recently released his first book, RENTING FROM MY 6-YEAR-OLD, which details his transition from corporate employee to investor and also explains the methods Chris used to teach his daughter the financial and life differences between being an employee and being an investor. He recently participated in the 29029 Everesting endurance hike and completed 2 Ironman triathlons. Chris is a husband, father, coach, author, speaker, attorney, black-belt and golfer.

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