Elevate Your Equity

Ep 97 - The Secret to Marketing And Building Your Brand with Art Morrison III

June 18, 2022 Derek Clifford Season 2 Episode 97
Elevate Your Equity
Ep 97 - The Secret to Marketing And Building Your Brand with Art Morrison III
Show Notes

Former professional basketball player Art Morrison III is coming on your podcast to discuss topics such as what it takes to jump from just a few wholesales and fix and flips to full syndication deals. After a rocky childhood, Art went on to play collegiate basketball at a D2 school on scholarship, and eventually to professional basketball in Portugal. Following his retirement from basketball, he single handedly built a basketball camp for children. While still trying to figure out how he would build his wealth, Art found real estate and did over $2.5 million in transactions in his first 2 years. He quickly moved from wholesaling and flipping to doing full syndications.

Today, Art and his team have done over $6 million in transactions, across 15 properties, in only 3 years. He now seeks to teach young adults how to get into the REI game and expedite their path to financial freedom through syndicating early on. More about Art Morrison III:

CEO of United Home Relief
Founder of AboveMAX Basketball
Featured on Yahoo, Disrupt Magazine, Big Time Daily, Kivo Daily + more
Author of Overcome: The Key to Unlocking Your Superhuman
Played professional basketball for Angrabasket in Portugal
Played D2 basketball at Caldwell University
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a Minor in Sociology

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